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Remedy's Room
AOA Remedy (NEW!)


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Before I called her Velvet... before I made her quite the evil thing that she is now... way back when Marvel's Age Of Apocolypse first came out, my friend and I came up with these sketches!!!! ONYX is Marijke Grijm, by the way!




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All Alpha Flight and X-Men characters are copyright MARVEL! These pages are FAN BASED ONLY! No money is being made off of the X-men, Alpha Flight or Marvel. I am not in ANY way affiliated with Marvel or any other comic book company. These pages are for FUN only, not for profit. X-Men or Alpha Flight and any of the X-men or Alpha Flight-like things are copyright MARVEL!

ONYX Marijke Grijm

Remedy is a 100% original character and is copyright Amy Marie Hearn. DO NOT USE MY DRAWINGS WITHOUT PERMISSION!