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Remedy's Room
Photo Gallery 5


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More Pictures...

The Newly Altered Remedy (ME!)
Weapon X has made their alterations to me... now I'm more like Velvet! I don't think I like this...

My armor in action
My uniform got burnt off dammit! Thank heavens for my armor!

The Real Deal
THIS is what my armor looks like when I make it work properly!

I got captured by Weapon X, and now I'm something completely different. Notice the uniform... I've been put in the Feral section. They've boosted my reflexes and gave me some weird kind of armour that comes out of my pores and covers me in a real fight. Really creepy.
As for these stupid huge teeth on my belt, well, let's just say that it's a damn good thing most ferals have a healing factor, because we get impaled on them regularly. Charming. I keep ripping them off every time no one's looking.
Have I mentioned how much I HATE these clowns? Mind you there's not alot I can DO about it, since I've got a fricking BOMB in my skull AND an implant or two to keep me in line. Sabretooth thinks it's really funny of course. I hate him too, but saying that would just make him happy. Good thing I'm ALOT faster than him, or I'd be his human scratching pole.
Poor Kyle, they REALLY messed HIM up. I don't think they left alot of his intellect or personality. We're a hunting team, he and I. I hunt the targets via body function/ life signs, and he trails them with his nose and other enhanced senses. The irony is that I can keep up with him now. He's so trapped behind his eyes, he can't even talk. It's all I can do not to cry when I see him...
I wish we could end this nightmare....

Recently we got into one heck of a fire fight, and I got in the way of a really nasty firebomb. Burnt off my uniform, burnt off my hair and all my skin (Thank heavens for my healing factor!), and my armour barely came up in time to prevent my lungs from getting baked too. I nearly suffocated before I was able to drag myself out of that mess. I had to retreat and find my team, but not before I was damn near hunted down by a group of rogue mutants. My team barely got there in time... I still can't control my armor that well, it has an alarming tendancy to leave FAR more skin visible than I like. I think someone in the science section had a REAL sense of humour when they programed my armor, a real pervert. If I find out who did this, I'm gonna find him and turn his balls into tonsils!

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