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Remedy's Room
Wonderful Wildchild


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Ok,ok,ok... My secret crush... the man I adore.. in secret... Kyle Gibney aka Wildchild.


No other human being understands me quite the way this man does. Kyle has been through MORE crap than ANYONE I know. He was kidnapped by some radical group called the Secret Empire, right off the streets just after his parents discovered he was a mutant and kicked him out. The rotten bastards remade him into a feral killer, using spliced DNA from a mutant assassin known as WYRE.
Wyre, AFTER the Empire had remade dozens of people in to feral assassins, eventually got a bad case of conscious and came back to the complex and killed all the experiments. Well, he missed one, Kyle, codenamed WILDCHILD.
Kyle was taken to Department H and things didn't get much better for him from there. He's been used, abused, locked up, chained, experimented on, manipulated, abandoned and that's just been since his parents booted him out! I don't believe in pity... but I feel ALOT of empathy for the man who lurks behind those beautiful sea-green eyes of his.
Kyle has a dry sarcastic wit that is utterly hysterical. Even at his most quiet he can say a pithy comment or two that can just bring down the house. He loves to play too. He loves videogames, and has the most amazing poker face I've ever seen. (Don't EVER play strip poker with him, you'd lose MORE than your shirt!)
Kyle doesn't say much... but when he does, it's usually surprisingly eloquent. There's a real intellect lurking behind that feral countenance... and most people don't realise that... to their peril and their loss I think.
You know, I don't care WHAT he looks like, or WHAT his powers do to him... I love this man JUST as he is, no matter what! (And don't you DARE tell him! If anyone tells him, it will be ME!)

Kyle, crouching


WildChild (YUM!)

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