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Remedy's Room
About Me


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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.


Here's a picture Piotr drew of me when I first got here. He did a beautiful job didn't he? He's so talented, and a real sweetie... I'm hoping he'll ask me out someday *sigh*!

I 'm a 23 year old canuck cutie of irish descent. I'm taking my first real university courses in medicine (it's not enough to just heal people with my powers, I have learn what I'm doing before I can learn to control it. Wish they'd provide me barf bags though, seeing all this gore is pretty gross!).

I like to sing (I'm a soprano and apparently I'm pretty good!), and play video games... when I'm not studying. I love to dance, and look at boys/men. So many gorgeous guys, so little time... and most of them are too busy looking at the taller skinnier girls with really awsome powers. Oh well, maybe I'll find some cutie to snuggle with me and play a few rounds of Quake!

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