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Remedy's Room

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Welcome to my personal web site!

this is me in UNIFORM!

I hope to update this page often with new photos.

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Hiya! I'm Emily Ferrell, nicknamed Remedy because I'm a mutant. Yes, a mutant, get over it. I heal people (and no you can't get me to heal you or your family or your pet... unless you happen to be in my way during a mission. There's just not enough of little old me to go around!)

I'm living with the X-Men at the moment, learning to control these wild powers and hopefully become a doctor and have some sort of somewhat normal and happy life. (Ok, so it's not likely, but still a girl can hope can't she?)

This page will be about me, my friends and team mates and the crazy things we do and have happen to us in this wierd old world... it can get a bit odd, I'm telling you!

These pages are FAN BASED ONLY! No money is being made off of the X-men, or Marvel. I am not in ANY way affiliated with Marvel or any other comic book company. These pages are for FUN only, not for profit. X-Men and any of the X-men like things are copyright MARVEL!
Remedy is a 100% origianal character and is copyright Amy Marie Hearn. DO NOT USE MY DRAWINGS WITHOUT PERMISSION!

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