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File Statistics For Remedy

Code Name: Remedy
Real Name: Emily Ferrell
Identity: Secret
Age: 23
Date of Birth: November 26, 19??
Place of Birth: Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
Height: 5 foot, 5 inches
Weight: 150lbs
Hair Colour: Brown/ Mahogany
Eye Colour: Amber
Legal Status: Canadian Citizen living in the USA
Fighting Ability: guns, martial arts, some help from SUIT* (only for use in the field) Remedy is not a combatitive character USUALLY.
Genetic Mutation: Mutant Healer
Mutant Powers: Healing/Killing (killing only in self defence and under EXTREME DURESS & may not affect some beings), Partial Empathic/Telepathic ( receiver ONLY! limited range unless the sender is VERY powerful. ie: Prof X, Jean Grey)
Team: (past) BETA Flight, (current) X-Men (support team)
Agilty: Athlete level
Constitution: Exceptional/ Ultra Fast Healing Factor (this is also how she heals others)
Strength: Olympic Athlete level
Intelligence: Near genius

SUIT: This device is similar to that of Heather Hudsons (aka Vindicator) but is DEFENSE oriented rather than offense. It provides Remedy with a force feild while she is in the field to heal her team members. It is capable of throwing stunning bolts, has a two way radio, an onboard computer system and sensors that keep the home base and other team members alert to her physical status. Because Remedys powers are still a bit undpredictable, the suit can apply a power damper effect to keep her from losing control too badly and hurting others and herself. It can light an area of up to half a city block, and has other handy tools made specifically for rescue and recovery ONLY. It also has a homing device so that her team can find her if she is lost in the field.

Bio: Emily Ferrell aka Remedy was forced into her powers by a drug nicknamed power developed by an unknown agent (Mr. Sinister is suspected). So far Remedy and perhaps 2% of the others affected by this horrible drug have survived. The drug itself activates the recessive genes for mutation instantly, bringing the full powers on almost instantaneously. As a result, many of the newly made mutants are consumed by their own powers and thus perish.

Emily is very sensitive to the plight of feral mutant types, and as she achieves her doctorate will major in their treatments, controls and cures.

Emily is in MUCH better control of her fitful healing powers now, though no one is certain how her powers work exactly. Some diseases like cancer and AIDS elude her ability to control or cure. She CANNOT bring someone who has been dead too long back to life. Once brain death has occured, all she can do is re-anirnimate the body.

Emily is a quiet sweetheart of a girl, full of spunk and spirit despite all the troubles of her past and the doubt about her future. Shes highly intelligent and a real little flirt when it comes to the fellows, though she has yet to have any carnal relationswith any. She has a marvellous voice, and an infectious laugh (and fabulous sense of humour). She has a level head in an emergency, and is studying to be a doctor in conjunction to learning more about combat and to use her powers. Emily is quite afraid of being exposed to the public, understandable when you consider how most poeple would react. (being mobbed would be really awful). Any kind of abuse will be met with a stern and smoldering anger, and usually gets a icy assertive response.
Cornered, Emily is very much the feral the scientists think she is. She will attack and defend herself with animal cunning and ferocity, though she doesnt have the claws and teeth associated with ferals, she reacts very like them and can do incredible amounts of damage. This is under extreme duress and more often will trigger her powers into an overload, usually killing her attacker from even a few feet away.

AOL Instant Messager details: RemedyXbabe
E-Mail address:

Remedy is copyright Amy Marie Hearn
Professional Illustrator / Comic Book Artist/ Videogame Artist

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