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Remedy's Room
At Alpha Flight (NEW!)


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Here's a few Pictures and the magazine cover from when we first went public with me!!!

Remedy in the News

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This is the face no one saw for nearly a year! Much like Weapon Omega (WildChild during his treatments), I was a mystery for a long while, especially to the PUBLIC!


A self portrait I did when trying to cope with being one of the very few survivors of the drug that force-manifested recessive mutants into full activity. At the time I thought I was the only one... I am forever thankful that I'm not!


(REMEDY & WILDCHILD the X-Men Movie version: Here I've taken a flight of fancy and drawn them in the movie uniform just to see what it was like... turned out rather well, I thought!)

(OUT OF CHARACTER: Well the two pictures above were done in Poser Pro Pak, ME having made the custom texture for Rem's face and her uniform. The drawing next to this note was drawn in black coloured pencil with no erasing some years back.
The series of ink drawings here are exploring the start of the deep friendship I've imagined between the shy and awkward Wildchild <BEFORE his treatments>, and the equally shy and elusive Remedy.)



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