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Remedy's Room
Velvet Darkness


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My evil Age of Apocolypse self!


This scarey woman is ME, albeit a really sooped up, brain chip implanted and brainwashed alternate universe version of my adorable self gone horribly horribly WRONG!

velvet darkness... a whole LOAD of nastiness in a pleasing female form *shudder!*

Velvet was the Emily taken from the breeding pens in the time of Age of Apocolypse, a hopeless post-holocaust kind of universe. Evil beast had plans for her, forcing her recessive mutant gene into full activity... but she was taken by Sinister in that universe and trained, molded and made into the feral/healer/huntress/concubine that she is now.
This woman is quite a piece of work. She is lightning fast and viscious, an empathic vampire, she gets off on other people's pain and emotions. She is utterly obeidient to Sinister, and hunts down and neutralises or kills telepaths and/or rogue or escaped mutants.
She's super intelligent and as icy cold as a glacier. I don't think she would be as nasty without that implant at the base of her skull, but YOU try holding her down and taking it out!


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