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About Me


About Me

*Sigh of happiness* Me, me and all about me! *Laughter*


Comic Books:
Alpha Flight
Epic Illustrated
New Mutants
Wonder Woman
Marilyn Manson
The Tea Party
Medieval Babes
and a hell of alot more...

JRR Tolkien
Julian May
Marion Zimmer Bradley (who I have met!)
Dave Duncan (who I've also met!)
L E Modesitt, Jr.
Guy Gavreil Kay
Pauline Gedge
David Eddings
Anne McCaffery
Greg Bear
Robert Asprin
Barbara Hambley (met her too!)
and alot more here too....

All 5' 4 and a half inches of me!
What's not to love and adore?

I'm a 33 year old Illustrator who would like to also break into the comic book and videogame industries at some point. I also write, sing, dance, and sew to name a few of my hobbies and skills.
I love comic books, videogames, fantasy and science fiction, dancing, singing, being greatly silly, japanese animation, wicca and things mysterious and wierd. (not nessessarily in this order either!)
I am a SHE-GEEK and proud of it. I'm am of the "art geek subtype" of she-geek, though I absorb knowlege like a sponge and love computers. I love animals and have rescued many of them, both wild and domestic. Little kids seem to like me, though I'm not sure why, since being around them for too long tires me out and gives me an awesome headache.
At present I am hoping to gain employment with Electronic Arts as a videogame playtester, making my way to the art department where I can add my formidable art talents to the benefit of the company and future games.
I roleplay, both table top and online... my online gaming consisting of playing in the X-Men universe on 2 bulletin boards, and in a unique creation called Prodigy. When I'm not writing hilarious fan-based stuff on these boards, you can find me making graphics for them, portraits for my friends there, and often updating my several online galleries for my artwork. It's always a work in progress.